BigJigs Toys Sock Memo

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This Sock Memory Game is sure to test kids’ memory and observation skills! The 32 wooden tiles are placed face-down on the table or floor. Players must take it in turns to turn over two tiles. If they match, the player keeps that pair of socks and turns another two over, continuing until the two tiles turned over do not match - then it is the next player's turn.

The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner! The fun doesn't end there... With this memory game for kids you could even play snap! A great way to develop concentration, memory and observation skills.

Encourages interactive play sessions and develops vocabulary. Teaches children about turn-taking and strategy. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Consists of 32 play pieces.

Sock Memory Game product features:

  • 32 colourful socks waiting to be paired
  • Improves memory & observational skills
  • 18 months +
  • 0.35cm L x 4.5cm H x 4.5cm
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