Noppies SP21 BbyG Madill Swimsuit

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Madill Swimsuit - It goes without saying you’re going to want to ultimately protect your little girl in the sun too. This girls swimsuit from the Noppies Baby collection isn’t just super cute as a result of that shell print, but also incredibly practical. The swimsuit features a handy zip, making getting dressed and undressed just that little bit easier. The long sleeves will protect her from the sun’s rays. Would you prefer a swimsuit with this shell print without the sleeves? We have those in the collection too. The bikini bottoms with ruffles are incredibly cute too. The design of these bikini bottoms has taken your little one’s nappy into account. You therefore do not need to go up a size. Handy detail: the fabric includes UV protection (UPF 50+), but don’t forget to regularly apply sun cream to your little one too!

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