En fant Thermo Boots

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The boot has the EN FANT logo sewn on the top. The boot is lined with a wool blend which, together with the aluminum membrane of the sole, helps to keep the feet warm. The thermal boots are molded in lightweight Megol rubber. Megol is durable and at the same time provides good movement for the child. The thermal boots have deep tread grooves in the flexible bottom making it easier to hold the foot.

- Molded in a MEGOL® thermoplastic (same function as the rubber but softer, durable and flexible)
-Made without seams= 100% waterproof
-The woolen lining and the insulating aluminum layer allow it to withstand temperatures down to -30° Celsius
-The flexible, gripping sole makes these boots particularly grippy on icy surfaces
-Lightweight and flexible to ensure the child's comfort

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